Now that I’ve spent countless hours setting up this blog, I think it is time I post something. Let me start by introducing myself.

I am both a licensed psychotherapist and licensed psychoanalyst in New York City. I’ve been practicing for 16 years and work with individuals and couples of all types. While my post-masters analytical training covered a variety of theoretical models, I use experience, discovery, and careful trial and error to develop my own particular voice. As an analyst, my work is informed by both my training and my personality.

I am a firm believer in the unique relationship that develops between analyst and patient. Unlike some traditional therapists, I don’t believe in the notion of the blank screen in which the therapist sits silently through the session and suppresses his or her own personality. The relationship that exists between myself and the person I work with is particular to us. Our beliefs, how we relate to people, our culture and our patterns inform the treatment as much as the theories I’ve studied and other theories I continue to explore.

Working with couples is quite different. As I work with a couple, the focus is on the two of them. I guide, direct, and help the two people in the couple communicate with each other. I find whatever the make up of the couple, similar issues and problems come to the surface while in treatment.

I hope to post soon about my history and the different facets of my life that have informed my work as an analyst. I hope you stay with me.

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