Psychotherapy lays the emotional groundwork that leads to a more happy and satisfying life.

Many people think of psychotherapy, especially some kinds of traditional psychotherapy, as one-sided: the person in therapy talks and the therapist listens. But effective psychotherapy – therapy that heals – works because of the unique relationship that develops between the therapist and the person in therapy.

I provide an environment that, because it is safe and non-judgmental, allows the person in therapy to open up in new and often unexpected ways and to experience and express his or her deepest thoughts and feelings.

I use more than one therapeutic discipline, but my approach is ultimately tailored to the needs of the person I am working with. I help people become more emotionally self-aware so that they can experience greater self-esteem and satisfaction in life, better deal with depression, and cope with the anxiety that so often interferes with their sense of well-being.